AI-Driven Open innovation

AIDO (AI-Driven Open innovation), a new business platform suggested by JLK BIO, is a concept of combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the business model so-called “NRDO” (No Research Development Only). Our business platform is differentiated from NRDO which is heavily focused on finding candidates for the development of new drugs and immediately initiating preclinical studies. We extend the scope of candidates to the discovery of innovative hits and leads and develop them rapidly by taking the advantage of our drug design AI platform DeepHits™. After the successful development of the candidates or even during the development, we expect to generate revenues through licensing out of them at the appropriate time.

Many researchers at universities and research institutes are able to develop from basic research to hits or leads for promising targets, but they face a lot of difficulties in stepping up to candidates. These often cause delay or suspension of drug development. In that regard, AIDO of JLK BIO would provide solutions for researchers to overcome these difficulties. At the same time, we expect to establish a win-win partnership by occupying opportunities to work with the researchers at the early development stages. We plan to expand the partnership in a variety of ways to leverage new drug development together with pharmaceutical companies and bioventures.